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Manufacturing Process

The main ingredients in charcoal based incense sticks are charcoal (without salt peter) natural binder, coconut shell powder and bamboo. Charcoal based incense sticks are hand-rolled by skilled women from rural areas and they are dipped in the fragrances and packed. This is the most common practise adopted for making incense sticks.

The quality of the fragrance and the raw materials used in making the raw incense sticks defines the quality of the incense, contrary to the general belief that the charcoal based incense sticks are of inferior quality.

The Masala (flora) incense sticks manufacturing process is a traditional practise of ancient India. In this unique process many different resins, herbs, essential oils, natural extracts and natural ingredients are mixed together and hand rolled on bamboo sticks.

Subiksha following the traditional method of making Masala incense sticks has successfully developed, after many years of R&D, fragrances that are "soft", "gentle" & "clear" with a lingering top note.

Although few of the ingredients used in those days are not available for commercial production, we have managed to develop our unique 100% organic line of incense using the traditional method using different herbs, resins and many natural ingredients.


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